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JM Buildings Testimonials

At JM Buildings, LLC, we take great pride in our work and we always prioritize our clients, and it shows. Read the testimonials below to hear first hand about the client experience at JM Buildings.

We love our new barndominium, JM Buildings did an excellent job! Jerry and Amanda are awesome to work with and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. Highly recommend them as a builder. Thank you Jerry and Amanda!  -Kirk and Jan

"I could not be more pleased with the new my new horse barn. It has all my needs and looks top quality!" - Amanda

"I love how my building turned out. I enjoyed working with the builder and liked how he listened to what I wanted. He was courteous and professional." - Randy

"When we started our building journey back in February, Jerry told us - "My job is to keep you on budget." And 9 months later, we have the most beautiful home we could ever have imagined! And Jerry kept his word, we finished under budget! Everyone that has built a home has stated, we should have done this, or we should have done that. And while there are a few things we would do differently, we are so pleased with the outcome and the quality of the build. We also know that the structure we have is strong and will last a lifetime. As our banker would perform his inspections, he told us "I have seen a lot of builds over the years but I have never seen such straight walls and studs, ever! Y'all are getting a great build here." That made us feel so confident in y'all. Amanda, thank you for staying on top of the ordering, choose, guiding, the advice on colors and stains that helped us make those final decisions. I knew what I wanted, just needed confirmation of what I was choosing would really look like what we wanted it to look like, I appreciate your help with it all. Our new home is perfect! Thank you both again for everything." - Ronnie and Janet Spivey.

"Besides enjoying dealing with Jerry, when a "hiccup" occurred, I was able to get with Jerry and change the plans.  Either a window issue or pantry issue, Jerry was always open to changing the plans to make me happy.  He was always checking on the job, making suggestions, and making sure I was happy with our house.  Even now that we are in our house, he still checks on us.  I think he likes us! Ha! I would highly recommend him to future clients." – Jerry & Tanya Richardson